Saturday, January 2, 2010

I've never met someone with the passion that I have.
God, photos, watching, waiting, enoying. I feel like maybe there is so much more to this than I can imagine.
I never thought I would meet someone with the passion that I have.
The excitement, the joy, that comes from the moments when you capture that perfect picture, that perfect moment. Not only this, but the realization that this talent came from God. You can do everything you can to be a "good photographer", but in the end, God is going to provide for you. Until I gave my life up to God, I had nothing, I was nothing. And now I am out of orbit with the opportunities He's handing to me, on a silver platter.
God has provided me with someone who has the same passion as I do.
And it's incredible, what God is teaching me through him.
I think it's very possible that my brain has been fed to someone on a platter.
and they scarfed it up, and digested it, and now it is no more.
He is overwhelming beautiful to me, and the ways He is pulling my heart in so many different directions.
Why was I not living for Him before?


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