Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Better With Words

You know what I've realized?
I have a hundred HUGE walls that I have yet to break through.
Yesterday, we talked about my photography, and the heart behind it. I panicked, because I hate sharing my heart with someone. I hate sharing my heart with someone. I didn't even know this. I had NO idea that I was so scared to show people who I am.
But when the conversation came up, of what I felt in a certain moment, I was afraid to say it, because I was afraid of getting hurt. Not that these people would hurt me, but that it's happened so many other times in my life.
My heart has been broken by things of this world far too many times. I show myself and who I am through my pictures. When it comes to talking about feelings, it freaks me out. Why? Because I am filled to the top with emotions. My emotions are ENORMOUS, because I tend to put my heart into everything. So when someone asks me to explain and share what this means to me, what I wish I could have done different, I froze up.
I wish I was better with words.


Chris Mueller said...

Like I said.....
...I'm proud of you.

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