Thursday, January 28, 2010

Abortion In A Pill

This morning, I came out of my bedroom after reading a very tough section of the book "Captivating", to find Nikki watching t.v. You see, I'm generally not a t.v. person. I don't like watching it, because I find most of it to be repulsive (besides the occasional episode of 'The Office' or 'Biggest Loser', of course). But, it was on, so I sat down, and watched some 'Ripley's Believe It Or Not' and 'Everybody Hates Chris'. Nikki hands over the remote to me, and says, "I'm gunna go get ready." Not really thinking, I left the remote on the arm of the chair, and continued watching.
It came to a commercial.
A woman sits up in bed (alone, might I add), while another, and another, and another appear doing the same thing. The voice in the background says something along the lines of, "Don't stress about the morning after unprotected sex, all you need is a Plan B."
Plan B. One-Step.
"Plan B One-Step is the only emergency contraceptive that is just one pill. All other products rely on two pills that must be taken 12 hours apart. It is a back-up method of preventing pregnancy-and is not for routine use. It can reduce the chance of pregnancy when taken as directed up to 72 hours (3 days) after unprotected sex (if your regular birth control method fails, or if you've had sex without birth control)."
Okay. So THIS is what we've come to.
Sex outside of marriage-alllll over the place. One night stands. Waking up alone.

Although I know Steph's heard this a lot, haha, this upsets me. Truly.
Our world has come to something like this. I see this as abortion in one pill. One simple, easy pill, so you don't have to stress the morning after.
Guess what would be much easier? Not having sex.
I don't even know what to say about this, to be honest.
God planned sex to be inside of marriage. When you're married, you shouldn't be super worried about having kids, because it's bound to happen.
The fact that I'm seeing this ON T.V., the fact that I am seeing this happen right before my eyes, breaks my heart.
How many people take advantage of something like this, over and over again? It's just all the more reason to have unprotected sex, and have "nothing to worry about". I mean, there's always a plan b!
I break at the thought of this. The thought of having just another reason to live in sin. It's okay to live in sin, because there's always an answer...a plan B!
Satan has such a hold on everything right now. SO much of our society has been captured into Satan's lies and illusions. Men and women are selling themselves short. Babies are murdered for no reason except for being "unwanted". Marriages are falling apart.
You know what's hard for me to handle? I was a part of this. I am a part of this.
I still am living in sin, even when sometimes, I don't realize it.
Although I may not be doing some things we think of as "not as bad", God considers all sin to be equal. And when I am sinning, I am not only hurting myself, I am breaking God's heart.

I don't know where this blog is going....


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