Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who Is God?

Lately, I've been asking myself this question-
Who is God?
Yes, He is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. You know the stuff.
But to me--who is God?
I began to list words.
Creator, healer, renewer, savior, romancer, unrelenting, forgiving, love.
I feel like God is different through each and every person. Some people find God through a tough situation, some people find Him when they hit rock bottom, and some people just always knew Him. Although God is one, He is something to everyone.
Who is God to me?
God is my creator. He created me to be exactly who I am. I might have made some incredibly stupid decisions, but He used them to make me all the more beautiful. He molded me in my Mother's womb, and made me EXACTLY how He wants me to be.
God is my healer. I was sick. Deathly ill. I knew nothing except for things to destroy me. God mended my wounds, put casts on my broken bones. But most of all, he healed my heart. I am beyond filled with joy to say I am healed.
God is a renewer. He took everything I used to know and completely erased it from my life. Like I said, I feel as if I am a newborn, learning how to use words and eat meat. God renewed my life. Completely.
God is my savior. SAVIOR. I don't have much to say about this. I am saved. I feel like he's the ultimate super-hero in my life.
God is a romancer. He has wooed me to my knees. He knows exactly how to get me to fall heels over head in love with Him. He knows how to make me fully rely on Him, and there is nothing else I can do. I am complete, because God has romanced me.
God is unrelenting. I always think of the song, "You Won't Relent" when I think of this word. To this day, God has continued to break me. There is no way in heck he is going to allow me to skip over fears or brokenness. He will not relent until he has it all.
God is forgiving. It is completely impossible for me to understand how He has been able to forgive me. I think about every single time I told him I hated him, I remember each time he held his arms open to me, and I punched him in the gut. I can name every time. And yet, He was still there. He never left me, He was simply waiting for the perfect time.
God is love. God is love. God is love.
I never thought that I would be able to experience love as I am now. Each day is a new experience. I am able to love people because of Him. I am able to allow myself to be loved because of Him. I am able to feel His love when I am afraid. I don't know how to explain this. But to me, God is love. And there is no other way to explain that.


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