Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Letter To Myself

Dear Me,
I don't know how you've turned out, but I sure do know who you are right now, in this time.
I want to write you something because, well, I've gotten up the courage to do so, and I think someday, you might want to hear this. Or maybe even need to hear this.
You are exceptional. You may not see this every single day, but remember the good days you have. Be confident. Not only in who you are, but what you believe. God created you, God forgave you, God is forgiving you, and God loves you. Eternally.
Your heart has been hurt and broken, but by things of this world. Don't allow what anyone says to get you down, and make you feel as if you are nothing special. Because in God's eyes, He thinks you're beautiful. Nothing of this world matters. Not a single item or a single person. No matter what, God knows your heart. It doesn't matter how much you have, or how many people you know. It's about your heart. Are you living purely? Are you living for God, and only God? Are you becoming closer to Him with every breath you take? Are you sharing your salvation?
You have been through a lot. You know that. Other people know that. But guess what? Although the joy lasts for about a minute, when that minute is up, you are left beaten down, broken down, and alone. No amount of pleasure time is worth God's disappointment.
You're struggling. Even in the here and now. It hurts. It always will. But through God, it's okay. Because He is proud of you. Even if you are left with no one, you still have God.
God loves you. WOW. You, who has messed up time and time again. God loves that. God knows how sinful, and ugly, and evil your heart's desires are. And still He continues to take you back. He continues to love you.
When you start to feel down, when you start to fall, think about where you were. Think about your past, and how broken you were. Think about the people that you hurt, the disappointment, the heart break, the tears that you caused. And remember that as soon as you turned your life around, there was something different. Through God, there is love for absolutely everyone. Through God, there is trust, there is hope, there is everything that you will ever need.
Remember what He did for you. Remember Jesus, dying on the cross for someone like you. Remember that He will love you, no matter how many times you mess up.
But most of all, know this. Know that the more you live for Him, the more joy you will give to other people. You've always had a heart for making other people smile, for allowing people to tell you all, to just get it out. You've always wanted to make everyone happy.
God is the only way to make people happy. So don't foreget to share him.
I love you. Although you are me, I love you. I love the strength that you have, that other people may not realize. I love every time that you break, because that is what brings you closer and closer to Him. I love every smile that you smile, because I know that God is smiling too. I love every picture that you take, every word that you write.
Don't forget that you love who you are. Never ever forget this here, and this now. Don't forget the seeking you've been doing, the praying you've been doing, the answers you have been getting. Don't forget the heart break.
But more than that, don't forget the joy that God has allowed you to have. Don't forget how He healed you from your addictions. Don't forget the restoration He allowed in your family, in your relationships.
Don't forget Him.

With all the love in the world,


Na-homie said...

"I love every time that you break, because that is what brings you closer and closer to Him."
That reminds me of myself.

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