Monday, December 27, 2010

Ordained Our Mouths With Praise

A few jumbled thoughts this evening that I will attempt to bring order to in a few short minutes because I am tired.

Disclaimer: This thought may not be finished, or complete, or polished with a big shiny red bow on top. So please, allow me to use this for my own learning experience, and if you'd like to continue with me, brace yourself.

This past Sunday, Barry talked about John 1:1-2. He broke it down word for word.
And spent (what felt like to me) the majority of the time speaking about the word, word.
In Hebrew, word is logos. Words were not just words, they were a happening. An event. Something that could not be flippant, or taken back. Words were meant to be said with entire meaning. And they were only said with complete meaning.
In Greek, the word word is also logos. But to the Greek people, words were something that were ultimate truth and knowledge. In Genesis 1, we see many examples of God using words to make things happen. Words, to Greek people, were ultimate knowledge because God used them to create. To begin it all.
Around the time Barry was talking about the Hebrew meaning of the word "word", Chris leaned over to me and said, "I want to think about words like that. I want to use my words like that."
I nodded my head in agreement, and it's been stirring in my head.
If anyone knows me, I use a lot of "I dunno"s "I don't care"s and "I'm fine"s. I've been holding people back from fulling loving me by using these phrases, that don't let people in and push them away. (Goodness. I have had this conversation 14 too many times, and I have yet to beat it into my foolish brain. I am also currently learning about my pride and stubbornness. People have to have a lot of patience with me as of late.)
I'm so afraid of failure, I'd rather not do it.
That's my mindset.
(Again, back to that beating into my foolish brain. But I'm getting off track.)

Today, a Spontaneous Song by Kim Walker-Smith played over my iPod. And I heard these words:
You have ordained our mouths with praise.

1. To confer holy orders upon.
2. to decree, or give orders for.
3. to destine or predestine.

We have been given holy orders, we have been decreed, we have been predestined, with our mouths. To praise. Him.

Our mouths.
Yahweh. Already our breath praises Him.
Our mouths, the words that we speak, should praise Him.
Each and every one.

Going back to Barry's message,
Each of our words should hold weight and meaning that even we cannot comprehend. The words we say should not need to be taken back. The words we speak are happenings.

He has ordained our mouths with praise.

Oh, how I long and desire for my words to praise and glorify Him. I long to stop my flippant insults, and take them quickly back with a "just kidding" or "I didn't mean that". I want my words to hold weight and meaning and specificity.
Because He has ordained it.


Banana said...

Random blog-hopper here. I read this and I got chills - Thanks for a great post, caused me to think :)

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