Thursday, December 9, 2010

Something That I Long To Share

There is something that I long to share.
There is something that stirs inside my soul that longs to burst forth, so that everyone may know.
There is something there.

Words cannot describe.
Eyes cannot see.
Ears cannot hear.

Only hearts can feel.

This thing, 
This something.
It's Joy.

And although, like I said, words cannot describe, I am going to do the best that I can.

It is as if every moment is a changing season. It's just like when Winter has been here for so long, and Spring finally comes. Feel, inside your soul, that beginning. That refreshing, recharging state of mind.
It is as if every moment is the reaching the top of the tallest mountain you have climbed. You stand there, at the top, and look down on the paths you have taken to get there. No matter how many bumps and bruises you have gotten, you are now on top of the world.
It is as if every moment is that first moment you hold a baby. No matter how alien-like they still look, newborn babies, when they smile so wide, cause stirring in hearts. Their eyes holding onto everything new, their fingers grasping anything they can touch. As if every moment is new life.
It is as if every moment is the moment when someone saved you from the wretched place you were in. When you were beaten, and broken, and had no desire for anything anymore, and this person comes along, and pulls you from the ground. Your body jolts, and your head gets dizzy, but it feels so good to be back up. 
It is as if every moment is meeting a new person. A complete stranger, who tells you a story you never would have guessed they held. And you lock eyes, and know that this deep moment with this stranger will last in your heart forever.
It is as if every moment is drinking an ice cold glass of water on a hot day, or finally curling under blankets on a freezing day.
With the intensity of a hit funny bone, it grasps your soul. And your breath catches, and your eyes close, and everything seems different.
Because as soon as you see it-your world focuses on it.

I am overjoyed to tell you, that Christ IS joy. That He has overcome the world, for us. For me. For specifically you. He has come for us, and He has given us a hope.
He has placed in us, joy.

When did we stop living like these words are true?


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