Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's Something About Driving

There's something about having the windows rolled down, Jon Foreman flowing through the speakers.
There's something about watching the world race past you, almost too fast to even see what everythng is.
There's something about seeing the clouds stretch out for forever, and never stop.
There's something about simply being with someone you love.
There's something about passing trees, and looking up, and seeing the branches and leaves above your head.
There's something about seeing the reflection of clouds on your window, in your rear view mirror.
There's something about driving.

I've always loved driving. Well, being a passenger in a driving car.
I've loved the comfort of not having to say anything to the person next to me, but simply being able to be with them. The world racing past me, I take in every small detail, because I know that it will be gone in a matter of seconds. Like I'll never see it again, like there's actually something to look at besides buildings, other cars, and shops.
There's something about driving.
I'll never understand it, my love for being in a car. For watching the world race by, for sticking my hand out the window and feeling the breeze on my fingertips, my wrists, my elbows. But I will forever know that there truly is something about driving, that moves me, speaks to me, wants more of me.
There's something about driving.

While driving, I am free to fly.


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