Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Long Awaited Arrival

Twists and turns, patterns you crafted long ago. You know the plans you have for me, I long to be still and know you are God. "Stop and see," you declare. I see beauty in new ways. I am your daughter, made beautiful, made worthy, made whole through you. My heart is yours, a gift long overdue. The pleasure all mine, do with it what you will. Washing away the pain, my heart is clean. Your death paying the price for me. I can do nothing but praise you.

I'm a woman of you, devoted to each and every aspect of you. The puzzle pieces all belong to you, because you are the only one who knows the finished project. Like a flower in Winter, I'm beginning a new season of my life. I will not live as I lived before, of my own pleasures and desires. But God, I am yours. Through you my petals will return, even when I have been through the most brutal of Winters. But Father, my beauty is not mine to flaunt, but yours to hold.

I pray that there is no me, and all of you. A beauty is being unveiled, something I had never seen before. But my image was made in you, the most beautiful thing I know. I am not beautiful by merely outward appearance, but you have cleared away all ugliness and made me beautiful. No one defines my worth but You. You are my Father, and I am beautiful through you.

A long awaited arrival, I am seeing what you see.


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