Thursday, May 19, 2011

It seems like I blog most when I'm trying not to blog. And when I make it a goal to blog more, I go a long amount of time posting nothing. Forgive me, I'm not used to having the role of a "blogger".

As far as fashion goes, I feel like I've been dressing more how I want to, rather than the grungiest jeans and t-shirt I can find. More dresses, etc.
Chris has become quite the great shopper lately too. Here's a couple photos from our date the other day.

Some things have been hitting home lately. I've been diving deep into who I am as a person, and the things I am longing to live out. I'm taking chances, and trying new things. But at the same time I am soaking up the bits of life that are average and normal. Trying to get into the swing of things as a person, and fall in love with average again. Ya know?

Just wanted to share a post about a song that I love.
It's called "Walk Through Hell" by Say Anything. I first heard this song years ago, from a dear friend, and have forever loved it. Whenever it comes on I belt out the words, and can't help but sing it for hours after I've heard the song.
Today, as it came through my shuffled iPod, and as I was belting out every single word by heart, I pondered why this song has always, and will always, be a favorite of mine.
I mean, really, it gives me goosebumps.  All it is is another silly love song!!

But as I  was singing the words of a man wanting to redeem the woman he loves from the "empty little dreams" of people around her, I realized the story that it is saying to my soul.
This is a story of Jesus Christ. He went through what we could call hell in order to save us. He said to us that his soles are useless without us, so He would walk through hell for us.

Okay. Maybe it's a cheesy way to look at the song. I know some people don't like taking "secular" music and turning them into Christian ones. But if you see the depth of this song, and it's entirety, there's a story we don't even understand there. This girl in the song is longing to be saved, even if she doesn't know it yet. This man in the song is desperate for her attention, begging for her to come back to him, to the person she was made to be.

If you haven't heard it, give it a listen.

p.s. be on the lookout for another blog post this weekend about a magical adventure I will be embarking on!


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