Thursday, February 17, 2011

Never Alone

There is something really big, and really special, about realizing you are not alone.

A few nights ago I had a run in with long lost trauma. I spent my day alone, feeling crummy, and only isolated myself more. (Oh, Melodie, haven't you learned this lesson yet?! That is forever a bad idea!) In doing so, my mind wandered to places I have long since visited and it brought me to a dark, dark place.
I texted and called one person that means the world to me. This person was dealing with some heart things, and knew, if anything, they would hurt me by attempting to be there for me. So they told me they needed to be alone.
Goodness, it hurt!! 
So, I continued to text and call a few other close people in my life, simply stating, "I need prayer."
This then brought on many questions about my well-being, and heart, and the war Satan was trying to bring me into, and the only One who could bring me out of it-no matter how long or short it would take.

At first, I was annoyed. I didn't want to hear any of this. It was really the last thing I wanted to hear. 

But it worked. Because with the prayers, my heart began to seek, as stated above, the Only One who could fight this battle for me. I began to draw nearer to Him, in actions simple as (slightly being forced, as well) asking my sister to stay the night with me.

After this event, the "word" got "out" to my family, and they began to pull me closer to them, realizing I was hurting. Dear friends called me to their home, just to talk and talk and talk (and perhaps eat comfort food as well). Christopher held me and prayed with me for long amounts of time. And through all this, I realized the network of people I have in my life. When a friend asked how they can be praying for me, they actually wanted to know about my heart and soul.

Christ showed me (and is continuing to show me) that through Him, I am not alone.
Chris was just telling me tonight about his shifting perspective of community, that the reason we feel so connected to certain people is most often because we were (and still are) connected by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
And no matter where we go, who we become, the battles we fight, the laugher we share, no matter what, that connection does not go away.

Let me repeat that.

The Christian friends we have, close or not really, we will have for the rest of our lives.
Because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We believe in each other, because He first believed in us.

Moral of the story-
I have a lot of people that passionately care about my well-being (whether it be spiritual, physical, emotional, whatever). 
I just have to let them know when I am in need, or when I kneeling in awe of our Father.

We are not alone. There is never a moment when we are alone.
Sometimes, it's hard to see God in the face of danger. But I believe He puts community in our lives so that they will help us fall at His feet in desperation. That they will prayerfully demand the lies out of hearts and minds so that we can clearly see the face of God.

Never in our lives are we alone. Not only because the Holy Spirit is always in us.
But because we have a community, a network, a family, that is much bigger than we can even begin to comprehend.


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