Thursday, July 1, 2010

There Is Ugly Everywhere

I always talk about how I can't wait to get out of Falcon. I can't wait to finish seeing the faces of people that haunt my past and continually remind me of the destructive path I accepted...happily.
Little did I realize, Falcon is a safe haven compared to many others.

I am blessed to be where I am. Here, I am not surrounded with the many addictions I could have easily drowned in. And although I still see people and things I don't want to see-I am no longer being force fed those things.
I am redeemed.
And absolutely nothing can force me to reduce that to a smaller event than it is. Because really it is not even an event at all. It is a lifestyle. A life to live. Eyes to see. Heart to feel. Mind to think.
My redemption cannot be contained or labeled.
Truth is-there is ugly everywhere.
But this ugly was put there by the hands of the very one who destroyed me before. This ugly was not put there or created by God. And that is something I must remember. God is a God of love, so He has given us free will. And I must be grateful for that, even if it scares me. Because if we did not have free will, it would not be about love.
It's all about love.
If not for free will, it wouldn't be about faith or trust or hope or passion or freedom. Redemption would not be needed. And isn't that everything that has ever given me life?
I must choose to live this life.
And I was meant to do so from the start. As all of us were. But it took me a long time to overcome my pride and stop saying "I can do it on my own."
I gave it to Christ.
And now I am unable to do it without Him.
Christ is beauty.
And I must remember that even in the ugly.


Becca Bill said...

Beautiful, Mel. Loved this.

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