Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Beginning (Again?)

Different seasons always bring an itch of change. (Especially when you start the Summer season with a photographic journey to Cali...) I don't know what it is, but the fresh air of a brand new season brings on an itch for the starting of something new. I am feeling so blessed to be a daughter of our creator, not needing a specific event to change, but the simple change of season is enough. A new beginning. A forgiving of the past, and a step towards a new self. The self I want to be. I have big goals for myself, and I believe the realization that there is always need for change, always need for small steps for growing-is one of the biggest steps to achieving those big huge "impossible" goals. Small steps, it's really all it takes.

But here I am. The beginning of Summer. Just back from the most inspirational trips of my entire life, and I am falling into the same old boring habits. Eating gross food too much (McDonald's, why do you exist on my menu of choice? Really? Sick.), spending too much time "getting inspired" on the internet rather than doing anything inspiring, spending too much money, and just overall being a lazy bum. Truth is, I am a daughter of the King. And lazy bum is not at all a representation of Him. So I was feeling the itch. And I started making lists of how to be better, and what to do better, and changes that need to be made. But I kept on making excuses as to why they were "unreachable" for the time (like not having attractive running shoes. Really, Melodie? Who are you?) and big excuses to start "later on". 

Today I woke up with a HUGE itch. Goodness, can't I just get things done? I was feeling overwhelmed by the lazy pit I was living in and needed a big huge change. So I did my first run today. 1.64mi in 21min. And I was dang proud when I heard the robot voice say, "You've reached one mile" over my headphones, even if it took me 13 minutes of "running" to get there. I was dang proud. I got home, and read. Studied my Bible. Wrote. Spent time with my little brother. Then I went to work. And when I was done with work, I came home. And here I am writing a blog. And I'm about to head to handy-dandy youtube in order to get some piano lessons going as well. 
I've been stuck on James 1. The part where it instructs us to be ACTIVELY LIVING the Word, rather than simply knowing it. I do not wish to be a woman who forgets my appearance directly after I have seen it. I want to be living in Christ's name, representing His huge self through every bit of me. I don't want to sit in a lazy pit. But I want to live as I have been claiming to live for the past few months. 

Decisions should start to be made. Creativity should pour from my pores.
And Arcade Fire's Wake Up anthem is going to be my theme song for the last stretch of my run for a very long time.

Hello world, I'm awake again.
Where is the Summer bringing you?


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