Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcoming Back For Winter

It has been so long, since I've written a blog.
I didn't actually realize that I had stopped, it just happened, as if it's a normal step in life. (I guess, of course, everyone lags at one point or another. My lagging period was just a little bit longer than some.)
Winter is coming. Thanksgiving is almost here. Christmas is a little over a month away.
And I lay in my bed, with 7 blankets on me, and remember why Winter is so rough (excluding the fact that the inside of my home is colder than outside.). I remember why I needed blogging and excessive journaling, and creative brain flowing consistently through my house.
Because Winter is messy. Winter is the season that makes me want to throw my hair into a messy bun, and wear too small long-sleeved shirts with much too big jeans, and slipper socks, and stare out my window at the beautiful things God has given me.
But what else comes with Winter? Cold. Dark.
The trees pause to rest for many months. There aren't any flowers, with their colors reminding us about other life. Animals go into hiding, and the ones that don't turn to survival mode leaving carcasses strewn about in various hidden places.
And the cold air that falls down my throat, reminds me that too-warm will not be considered for a very long time.
Oh, gosh, my mind is so disastrous, I hardly remember my topic.
It's so hard to stay on track.

The main point.
My brain.

My brain does not want to pause like the trees. My brain longs to continue budding, producing beautiful colors, and plentiful fruit.
My brain does not want to be hold on hold for the messy, hard months of Winter. Even when storms come blustering in, I want to remember that I have shelter.
And so I believe I may start blogging again.

I need to begin picking up things I long for, that I strangely set down for too long.
I've begun a new journal, simply for inspiration and creative journaling. I've begun to crochet, and have decided I like it better than knitting. I'm listening to music that is good for my soul, and singing at the top of my lungs. I've begun covering myself with blankets, and spending time replenishing my soul with my family. I have begun to be intentional with people. I have begun to love people, rather than judge people. I made a list of goals for the next year of my life.

Oh, goodness.
The point.
The main point?

I have dropped things that I need, because sometimes I feel like maybe I am too much. I have stopped doing things that stir my heart strings, because maybe, I over-react about little things, and it really isn't that important.
I've been lying to myself.
And this? This is important.

I need this again.
And so, hello blog. Hello my dear friends, family, and various readers.
I'm returning again.


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